30 мая 2018

The Assembly of the NEUERO Shiploader SL 1000 in Nikolaev

At the start of this year, Yuzhmormontazh professionals have completed the assembly of the NEUERO Shiploader SL 1000 in Nikolaev, where a reloading terminal is currently being constructed.  The main peculiarity of this project has to be in the fact that the Shiploader 260 tons in weight arrived to the site in a dismantled state.  Many years of experience and a strict compliance with the geometrical proportions were required to dock the tail part of the Shiploader to the conveyor line. Despite the project’s complexity and labor intensity, our highly qualified specialists with an ability to read drawings in German language, in the shortest amount of time, three months to be exact, were able to finish the project.  After the successful completion of the said project, by the client’s request, our brigade moved on to mounting the conveyor lines and galleries.