The Assembly of the Conveyor Equipment on Dnepr Terminal

Yuzhmormontazh has completed the assembly of conveyor equipment on Dnepr Terminal.

Yuzhmormontazh Builds a Tomato Paste Manufacturing Plant

The specialists of Yuzhmormonthazh have been building a tomato paste manufacturing plant at one of the South Ukrainian farming enterprises.

The Repair of the Portal Bridge Crane Kranbau Eberswalde

Yuzhmormontazh has completed the general overhaul of the metal structures of the portal bridge crane Kranbau Eberswalde with capacity of 8 tons […]

The Overhaul of the Portal Crane “Albrecht” for Kherson Sea Port

Yuzhmormontazh is currently engaged in the overhaul of the metal structures of the portal crane “Albrecht” with capacity of 10 […]

The Repair of the Metal Structure of the “Albatros” Portal Crane Jib

Yuzhmormontazh has commenced the repairs of the the jib metal structure of the portal crane “Albatros” with loading capacity of […]

Our contribution to domestic machine building

During the first decade of March, Yuzhmormontazh performed the installation of the forging press column, the stress being 10000 ton-forces. […]