Mechanical spare parts

The company "Yuzhmormontazh" more than 20 years engaged in the manufacture and sale of mechanical spare parts. The technical capabilities of the company, such as Machine assembly shop, lathes population, site of welding engineering, heat-treatment, allow us to make as well as standard mechanical components so and spare parts according to individual drawings. Manufactured parts for crane technology has successfully delivered and operated in Sea and River ports, metallurgical and mining enterprises of Ukraine and in the  neighbouring countries and beyond.  The spare parts shall be supplied with passport and certificate of quality. The specialists of the engineering Department is ready to develop technical documentation for manufacture, installation of metal structures and spare parts for cranes and hoisting equipment. The company "Yuzhmormontazh" offers for sale the following mechanical spare parts and components:
  • load-cable drums for lifting mechanism;
  • gear sets;
  • ladder racks for derricking mechanism;
  • conoid tooth gears;
  • girt gears;
  • gear wheels;
  • gear collars;
  • gear spigots;
  • tubular axles;
  • hollow shafts;
  • axis to articulated arm joints;
  • gear shafts;
  • roller bearing;
  • blocks;
  • friction plates;
  • half-coupling;
  • supporting rope's rollers;
  • hub groups;
  • brake shoes;
  • cable reels;
  • braking gears for lifting, movement, rotation and boom length.
демпфер катки передвижения Колесо зубчатое оси тормозные колодки - копия Фото-0001 Фото-0002 фундамент торм. ред. пов. 2 2015-285 2015-287 2015-288 2015-289 2015-290 2015-291 2015-292 2015-294 1 8 Photo -01 Photo -0031 Photo -0038 Ремонтно-механическими мастерскими компании «Южмормонтаж» предлагаются услуги по ремонту и восстановлению механических сменно-запасных частей, в частности ремонт трещин, шарнирных соединений, восстановление геометрических размеров деталей и многое другое. IMAG0490 IMG_1513 2015-286 In addition to the mechanical spare parts, the customer is offered to choose a wide range of bearings from the leading Ukrainian and international manufacturers of the following types:
  • radial roller bearings;
  • pressure ball bearings;
  • thrust roller bearings;
  • radial angular-contact ball bearings;
  • angular contact roller bearings;
  • self-aligning, two-row ball bearings;
  • self-aligning, two-row radial roller bearings;
  • self-aligning radial angular-contact bearings;
  • self-aligning  two-row roller bearings;
  • self-alignment bearings;
  • jointed bearing parts;
  • conoid roller bearings;
  • needle bearings;
  • straight roller bearings;
  • spherical roller bearings.
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