OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA"Yuzhmormontazh" enterprise was founded on June 5, 1944, in accordance with the radiogram of the chief of Assembling-Renewing Department of the Black - Azov Seas. At the moment of its foundation it was called The Kherson Assembling-Renewing Sector, the main targets of the company being the renewal of the sea shipping branch destroyed by the war. The domestic engineering industry had been destroyed by the war and was in a recovery stage; therefore the country mostly imported crane equipment from "Babcock and Wilcox", "Washington", "Derrick-Hoist", "Weyli", "Marion" and others companies. 05 Май 1970Originally, the scope of works covered the Black Sea and Azov Sea ports, as well as the Dnieper river and Don river ports. Later, with the recovery of the country’s economy, specialists of the enterprise started performing works on the entire territory of the USSR – from the Sea of Japan to the Baltic Sea, from the Barents Sea to the Caspian Sea. As a result of the development of the international economic relations of the Soviet Union and the export supply of products of the domestic engineering industry, the works on crane assembly and reloading equipment were carried out far outside Kherson region – in Cuba, Vietnam, Yemen, Finland, Iran, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Somalia and etc. Up to 80% of all portal cranes in Ukrainian ports, as well as the ports of other countries situated on the Caspian, Azov and Black Sea coasts, have been assembled by the specialists of the company "Yuzhmormontazh". The major projects completed by the company include: assembly of coal-loading equipment in the ports of Mariupol and Yuzhnyy, ore-loading complex in Nikolaev Port, construction of a phosphorite terminal in Yuzhnyy Port, construction of a container-producing department at Illichevsk Shipyard, construction of a workstation for producing lighters at Kilia Shipyard (Ukraine), assembly works at a coal-loading terminal in Vostochyy Port (Russian Federation), construction of a rolling trailer producing plant in Aralsk (Kazakhstan). The specialists of our company have assembled thousands of cranes in ports as well as at shipyards and ship-building plants and factories in the CIS countries. At present the specialists of our enterprise have been working in the largest ports, at enterprises and plants of the CIS countries: Almazy Rossii – Sakha Co., Port AMOTOAZ, Cherepovets Industry Port SEVERSTAL, NOVOROSLESEKSPORT, NUTEP Tuapse Port, The International Trade Port Aktau, the port Bautino,  The International Port Turkmenbashi,  Batumi and Poti Sea Trade Ports, APM TERMINALS, Odessa STP, STP Yuzhnyy, Illichevsk STP, Sevastopol STP , Feodosia STP, Kerch STP, Mariupol STP, Kherson STP, Energomashspetsstal, Mariupol Metallurgical Enterprise named after Illich, “Zaporozhstal”, “Azovstal”  METINVEST GROUP. The works were performed together with the following plants: Azovmash, Mariupol Plant of Heavy Engineering, the close corporation Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant, Azovmash, Mariupol Heavy Machine Engineering (Mariupolvazhmash), Handling Machinery plant”VIRA-SERVICE INTERMASH” , Zuevsk Energy and Machine Plant, Baltkran, Kirow Ardelt GmbH, Fantuzzi-Reggiane, Noell Mobile Systems & Crane, “LIEBHERR” ”SKMZ” “FAM”, as well as many other enterprises and plants. The availability of the highly skilled certified personnel, own strong production base, fleet of automobile cranes, as well as necessary licenses, work permits, certificates and the international certificates of quality, allows the enterprise to take up the most challenging projects, and to complete all sorts of turn-key projects. Considering how far the company has come since its early days, it's safe to assume that it has brilliantly passed all tests life threw its way and survived in this difficult struggle. It is a long way from planned economy when tasks and the scope of assembly works were provided by the marine fleet department, to the self-sufficient and independent company that successfully works in the market economy conditions within our country as well as far abroad. Nowadays the company successfully participates in the international tenders, cooperates with and assembles equipment at crane-building companies in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Ireland, United States of America. Currently, "Yuzhmormontazh" is one of the top-ranking enterprises among Ukrainian companies in this branch, carrying on the best professional traditions and based on the international standards. The experts of "Yuzhmormontazh" will offer premier technical and economic solutions that will meet the highest requirements. 01 Январь 1944 02 Февраль 1957 06 Июнь 1971г