Grab buckets

Specialists of the design Department of the company "Yuzhmormontazh" were developed and patented the production of the grabs for bulk cargoes of group С1., double-grab using four-ropes for such work as  warehouse-to-ship, ship-to-ship, without spillage of cargo with the implementation of environmentally friendly operations. This grapple is designed for portal and floating cranes with load capacity 10 t and 16 t, as well as an overload of bulk cargoes of group C1  GOST 24599-87. Available grabs two models: Grab buckets model 10-C1: Model – 1900-K; Weight of the grab – 4400 kg; Net weight of the scoops up cargo – 5600 kg; Grab capacity6.1 cubic meters; The load capacity of the crane - 10 ton; Rope diameter24 mm. Grab buckets model 16-C1: Model – 1901-K; Weight of the grab – 6600 kg; Net weight of the scoops up cargo – 9400 kg; Grab capacitycubic meters; The load capacity of the crane - 16 ton; Rope diameter24 mm. 10 2 3   In addition to the production of grapples, the  "Yuzhmormontazh" production capacities performed works on full repair of grapples for various purposes. The scope of work includes cracks control of steel structures and welds, replacement of damaged elements, dent repairs, re swivel, painting of steel constructions  and swivels. IMG_0156 IMG_0422 IMG_0423