Electrical spare parts

The company "Yuzhmormontazh" has over 20 years experience in an comprehensive supply of electrical equipment, switchgear, lighting equipment, cabling and wiring products for the crane and specialized reloading equipment and component manufacturing parts for electrical equipment. An enterprise offers to supply  equipment from leading Ukrainian companies and products are fully known brands of manufacturers of switching equipment. The presence of strong business relations with leading manufacturers ensures the prompt delivery of quality products to our customers. During the years of its activity, the company "Yuzhmormontazh" has established itself as a reliable supplier and responsible business partner. Yuzhmormontazh is pleased to offer next products:
  • crane motors,  non-synchronous and  squirrel-cage motors, with phase-wound rotor and direct current motors;
  •  hydraulic electro pushers;
  • voltage transformers;
  • current transformers;
  • power contactors;
  • automatic breakers;
  • kickout devices;
  • comand-controllers;
  • terminal blocks;
  • sweating thimbles;
  • resistance level control units;
  • accelerating resistors;
  • voltage-sensitive relays, delay relays and current relays;
  • lighting equipment;
  • current collectors;
  • control cabinets.
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