Crane cabs

The company "Yuzhmormontazh'' has expanded the range of offered products  – having mastered the manufacture of control cabs, which can be installed on cranes and other specialized handling equipment such as reclaimers, ship loaders, etc. In the manufacture and development of the new cabs governance take into account the individual wishes of the customer, as well as passport specifications of the manufacturer. On customer request the cabin can be equipped with a new seat-console, controllers, joysticks, new safety devices, and displays, as well as air conditioning to ensure a comfortable working environment for the operator. In the repair shops of the company "Yuzhmormontazh'' , for the purpose of saving money the customer can perform major refurbishment of equipment the cab and install it in the new cab. Photo-0013 Photo-0005 Photo-0004 Photo-0003  tedf-pu-p