About company

"Yuzhmormontazh" has a long work history and has been known for many years far outside Ukraine. Our specialists carried out assembly of portal cranes in ports and at the enterprises of  such countries as Albania, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Iran, Cuba, Slovenia, Finland, took active part in construction of seaports in Somalia and Yemen, etc. Over the last years "Yuzhmormontazh" performed works on assembly, capital repair and modernization of portal cranes and container loading cranes in seaports of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan. We have performed expert inspection of crane equipment in Iran cooperated with the crane-building factories of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic and Latvia. Nowadays the company leadership works hard on establishing foreign economic relations with the companies of Brazil, Iraq, Iran, Angola, Pakistan, Vietnam. Negotiations on the realization of company services "Yuzhmormontazh" in these countries and the delivery of crane equipment of the Ukrainian engineering plants are being conducted.